Acting President’s Message

February 2017

It is with a heavy heart that I write to tell you that Margaret Imrie has had to resign as President of the VOG because of her need to be in Edmonton during the very serious illness of her son. We are very grateful for all the work she has done on our behalf since taking office in August, and especially for her leadership in getting work on an improved website underway. Do please keep both Margaret and her son in your thoughts and prayers.

Sue Mair has agreed to take over Margaret’s role in updating the website, and at its February 1 meeting the Board appointed me to serve as Acting President (again!) until we can elect a new President at the next AGM. I have enjoyed serving you in this capacity in the past, but I must confess that I am looking forward to an honourable retirement in July. Meanwhile, I will need all the help and support that you can give me.

Also at the February 1 meeting, the Board appointed me, as Past President, to form and chair a new Nominating Committee, with a mandate to find suitable candidates for nomination at the 2017 AGM. I have asked Pat Hancock, Lore Hoffmann, Gwen Murray, and Elaine Peterson to join me in this work. In July the Guild will need to elect both a President and a President-Elect, a Treasurer, and two Vice-Presidents. Although Committee Chairs are appointed by the Board rather than elected at the AGM, the Nominating Committee will be assisting in the search for Chairs for the Guild Centre and Special Events, positions presently both vacant, and for Rehearsal Refreshments, since Lore Hoffmann has declared this her last of some 22 years of chairing or co-chairing that committee. And finally, there was a recommendation from last spring’s Strategic Planning session that new positions be created for Marketing, Membership Recruitment, and Fundraising. Finding people to give leadership in all these positions is a formidable task, and the committee and I can only succeed if you, the members, participate with us, either by making recommendations or by offering your own services. I’m hopeful that once you all realize the gravity of the situation we are facing, solutions will be found. Otherwise, the Guild may cease to be!

We will have a busy time in the next few months, especially during the VO Festival, April 28 – May 18, and in the preparations during the preceding weeks. But then, on June 2, we can all gather at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club for our annual Spring Luncheon, and celebrate the passing of another year in the life of the Guild. Be sure to mark your calendar now, and save the date!

Gwyneth Westwick
Acting President

VOG Website Update

Breaking news! The Guild has received a significant donation from Jane McLennan which enables us to update and greatly improve our website and will also give us a reserve fund to provide for its future maintenance and repairs. We are greatly indebted to Jane for her ongoing loyalty to the Guild and for this latest instance of her amazing generosity. A thousand thanks, Jane!